November 1, 2011

DIY vampire teeth

My 12 yr daughter wanted to be a vampire for Halloween this year and we had issues coming up with ways for her to have vampire teeth.

I went to a Halloween shop and found these super cool teeth that glue onto your incisors.
but they were $10 and for just one little part of a costume I thought that was a bit much. It didn't help that it was not recommended for children.

Another problem that we had that made these (and almost every other idea I had) not work is this
she is missing one of her incisors and the other is just starting to grow in.

One idea was those cheep novelty  fanged teeth
but believe it or not we could not find these anywhere. I'm sure most of us had a pair of these at one time in our childhood. From what I remember they were very uncomfortable and were hard to keep in and to talk with too. I figured there had to be a easy but better way.

So I went to youtube to see what I could find.

First I found this video

Even though these are awesome I didn't have the time to make the different molds and once again she didn't have incisor teeth to work with. Not to mention the price would probably be more than the ones at the Halloween shop.

Then I found this cute little video

What is she? 5? So stinking cute. She takes a little while to get to the point but this is a neat tempory idea. But once again we ran into the problem with no incisors to work with.

Then I found this one that was a spring board for my idea.

This idea by itself is great but, you know, the incisor thing.

So I went to the store to see what I could come up with. I went to the Dollar General up the street from my house. Just so you know I decided to tackle this about 1 1/2 hours before we were heading out to trick or treat.

I found the nails

they were only $1.

Then I went looking for the denture cream to see if maybe I could just stick it to her gum. That's basically what dentures do right?

That is when I saw this
and the little spark went off. Since it was only $2 I thought sure why not.

I got home and chose which nail would work best in her mouth, which happened to be the smallest.
Then I filed them down but not to pointy so that it wouldn't accidentally poke or cut her.

Then I glued them onto the mouth guard. I wanted to use super glue but since I didn't have any and also since this would be in her mouth I didn't know how toxic that could be so I just used hot glue. They can peel off fairly easy so it was easy to adjust but they stayed on good enough that they lasted the night.

Here they are in her mouth.
See the guard sits up on the gum line. When she closes her mouth you can't even see the guard or the top of the fake nail.

Here she is in her make up and teeth.
They look awesome if I do say so myself and for $3 it was a perfect fit (even without incisor teeth lol)

She was very excited about them and they definitely topped off her costume.


  1. Freaking brilliant! Thank you for sharing! My daughter always wants to be a vampire for Halloween but we've had similar problems. This is perfect! Thank you again!

  2. Very good idea on making a pair of fangs when u are missing a incisor.

  3. I like the makeup and its cool u made those

  4. stumbled into this blog post because I was looking for an easy DIY fang tutorial! Thanks for sharing! will be sharing this post for an upcoming blog post of mine on halloween costumes :)

  5. This is a great idea well done :D will be keeping in mind come Halloween

  6. Thanks for this, I have my own higher quality fangs but my sons are 6and 11 and will be vamping it with mama this year. So I needed to figure out how to get decent looking kid fangs.