June 17, 2009

Kids say the darnedest things: "I am not a fish..."

OK, ever since my children where little I have wanted to record the little cute things that they say but have never really done it (shame on me). So now that I have a venue to record these things I am going to start.

My kids love to swim any chance they get. They just love to be in the water. They get that from their dad. He grew up loving the water and had many opportunities to have access to a pool and stayed weeks at a time at the beach. I have always said that he was like a fish. Me? Well I am lucky enough to just float. I am good at floating and doggie paddling.

Some of you know that a few weekends ago we stayed in Virginia and had access to a pool. A nice big pool. Zoe, my 7 year old, is the worst as far as staying in the pool. She gets in as soon as we get there and would never get out if she didn't have to. I have to drag her out every few hours to reapply sunscreen.

But she will get out long enough to be thrown back in.
(This was taken last year and yes she is as high up in the air as it looks

So Zoe goes to the deep end of the pool and says "Look at me mommy I can swim the whole way." I then watch her do it and am very impressed because I certainly couldn't do that.

So she gets to the shallow end and says "Did you see me?" and I tell her how proud I am of her and that she is just like her daddy, a little fish.

She then matter of factly informs me "I am not a fish, I'm a mermaid." I then laughed and said "Oh yes, you are my little mermaid."

Who knew?

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