July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Ode to a Tree

You were such a good tree.

Mar of '04

Each year you grew

Mar '05

We always knew spring was right around the corner when you started sprouting those stinky white flowers which gave you the name "Stinky flower tree" even though you only had those stinky flowers for a week and then you had a luscious green foliage which gave me the perfect background for these pictures which have become my favorite.

Jan '09 (its the one right behind my head)

Then I became remiss in taking your picture. I took you for granted and missed the opportunity to show how much you have grown. You were such a good sport in letting the kids pull on you and pick your berries and leaves. The squirrels will miss your protective embrace when the cats come chasing. The shade you provided was under appreciated.

June '09

When that high wind storm came through I never imagined that it would be your downfall

The yard will never be the same.

You will always be remembered Stinky Flower Tree

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