February 9, 2010

Chinese New Year Party: Chinese Yo-Yo

Mia has just decided that she wants Chinese yo-yos to go into the goody bags at her party. Well looking around I can't find any and it is too late to order some to be shipped here by Saturday. So what do we do? We make our own of course. There are several sites that I got info from. Making Friends has great instructions and also here at the b-line.

Playing around this is what I did.

At Making friends they said to cut the wrapping paper 7' by 4" and the b-line said to cut it 3' by 8".

I tried to cut my wrapping paper 7' but that was just to much paper and it didn't bounce back good and I didn't want something as big as 8" so I went with 3' by 4" and it worked great.

All the directions I read said to use a wooden dowel. Since I am trying to keep things more cost effective I decided to use long lollipop sticks. Here is a picture of a regular and a long stick together. The long one is about 8" and since you can get 50 or so for just a couple of dollars compaired to maybe 5 dowels for $3-$4 dollars it is a lot cheaper.

note: if you are going to make a bigger yo-yo you will probably need a 12" wooden dowel.

Using my 1/4" Terrifically Tacky Tape I put a strip at one end of the paper. You could also use hot glue if you wanted to.

I wrapped the end with the tape onto the stick.

Then I started rolling it up.

Once I had it rolled up all the way I put a rubber-band around it and let it "cure" for about 30mins to an hour.

All thats left to do is play with it.
Now, not only do we have something for the goody bag but we also have a craft to do at the party. I love it when things can double-up. I just need to go out and find some Asian style wrapping paper and we are all set.

more Chinese party ideas to come...