April 15, 2010

Thanks for your support for the SYTYC

For those that didn't know here was my audition craft for the SYTYC. Stay tuned and in the next few days I will show you how to make these.

Cling Anywhere Clings

You know those cute window clings that you can buy, usually around the holidays. The only problem with those is that they will only cling to windows and you are also very limited on your options.

So what if you can make a cling to be any design you want and put them wherever you want.

Introducing the Cling Anywhere Clings. Paint any design you want using fabric paint. They really do stick to just about anything and are completely removable.

You can make a butterfly to stick to your child's wall and it doesn't damage anything.

Using glow-in-the-dark paint you can make spooky eyes that glow. These would look great on your front door at Halloween.

You can even put your monogram on your car (or wherever you want really) in what ever color scheme you want.

I have made snowflakes in the winter and I even made a logo of my DH favorite sports team to put on the side of his car (which stayed on his car for over a year until we sold it and the cling came off with no problem). 

You can print any design you want and trace it with the paint or if you are really good you can free hand your design and stick it anywhere.

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