June 3, 2010

Brandy's Battle


I don't know if any of you have noticed a special button on the right sidebar that I put up recently.  This is a friend of mine Brandy from Not So Average Mama.  Go HERE to read a good synopsis of her story. 

She is such a special woman. We know that whatever medical fees Brandy has and will incur will be a difficult burden on her and her family. This is where you can come in. Shan from Last Shreds Of Sanity has been working hard for the past several weeks putting together an online auction. 
The live auction for Brandy's Battle will be held tomorrow starting at 9a.m. PST on Friday June 4th at  http://brandysbattle.com/ . 

I have donated a Table Top Puppet Theater  

and a set of set of Finger puppets with story book

that I sell in my etsy shop to help with the auction.

In the live auction all items will be auctioned off in groups of similar items. All bidding will start at 1/2 retail price. The highest bid at the end of the allotted time will win the item. Bidder will have a specified amount of time to send the money via paypal or the item will go to the next highest bidder (you can find out more info here).

Auction will run until the week-end is over or we run out of items. Whichever comes first. :) We still are excepting donations, so if you can still help please contact us here. Donations do not have to fit in the categories we have below, this is just a list of what we have so far. We appreciate any help you can offer. 

You can bid on the items we will have in the auction or you can donate directly here.
Brandy has a long recovery ahead, and many more doctor visits.

Our categories so far are:

Blog Or Web Design Services
Baby Clothes/Accessories
Children's Toys
Stuff For MOMS

We’d like to ask that you consider supporting an online auction for Brandy’s Battle in any way you can. If you’d like to help by donating an item to be auctioned off – or whether your organization would want to support the auction in some way – or whether you yourself as an individual would like to lend a hand, or bid on any of the items, every little bit helps.  If you can’t donate an item to auction or a monetary gift, just raising awareness of Brandy’s Battle on your Facebook or Twitter (#BrandysBattle) would be a big help. You can contact us by using the contact form here.

Thank you so much


  1. That is so adorable! Thank you so much! I know my kids would love that set! Very talented!

  2. Brandy you are so very welcome. It is just a little thing that I can do for you. I just wish I could do more.