July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping kids

These are all the pictures I have taken of my kids sleeping since we went digital. I now realize that I have not taken a picture of Zoe sleeping in quite awhile. She is never one to just zonk out somewhere. I'll have to sneak in one night and get one of her.

Mia February '03

Zoe May '03

Mia July '04

Zoe July '04

Mia August '04

Zoe August '04

Lea March '05

Lea April '05

Zoe June '05

Lea May '06

Lea December '06

Ali December '07

Ali February '08

Ali June '08

Ali July '08

Ali January '09

Mia (with Wicket) February '09

Lea May '09
Ali May '09


  1. That is great! My favorite is Lea May '06 with her legs between the crib rails. I find my kids in all sorts of funny sleep positions too. Wish I could fall asleep like they do.

  2. I too love sleeping photos. It makes them look so sweet. I too wish I could fall asleep like they do

  3. So cute! I have a ton of sleepy pics as well and in many positions, lol. Happy WW!


  4. When I go through my photos, I'm always amazed at how many we have of the kids sleeping. They are just so precious when they are asleep. I just don't know how they can fall asleep in some of the places and positions they do!