November 10, 2009

Oreck Halo Giveaway on Momdot

Over on momdot, she is doing a giveaway for a Oreck Halo. I really, really need a new vacuum. The one that I have is the same one that my husband and I got as a wedding gift over 10 yrs ago. The poor thing doesn't have good suction anymore and when you turn it on it makes the room smell like wet dog. So I'll say it again I really need a new vacuum.

So back to the giveaway. To enter I am supposed to post pictures of my messiest room. Well, you could really take your pick of any room in my house and I would give anyone a run for their money, but I choose one of the kids rooms.This is the room where they play the most and right now it is the messiest it has ever been (just in time too).

Here is what the room looks like right as you walk in.

Here we are rounding the corner.

 The main play area

Under the bed is what the kids call "the cave" I bet there is a good two feet of toys piled up there.

The closet.

There you have it our messiest room. Barely enough room to walk and you can't see the floor. Hope this is messy enough to win because I couldn't stand it if it was any messier.


  1. Good luck on winning. I wish I could enter but I honestly have no messy rooms! So I will follow along and read all the posts :)

  2. Good luck! I am entering tomorrow :)
    I love the room! Looks like my house before I clean up for guests LOL That is how I live :)

  3. It's a good thing you posted this! Now, I don't feel so bad about the room my kids call "the playroom" in our house! LOL!

  4. It's amazing how much of a mess people so little can make. Our playroom usually looks like a tornado hit!

  5. Ok seriously that is a mess! Having kids usually = a mess though! I was going to enter here but umm...not sure which room would be my "Messiest" and after seeing everyone else's pics I so can say my messiest doesn't even cut it .. Good Luck, hope you win!!

  6. Thank you Brandy. It would be a great blessing if I could win.

  7. looks like it's time to donate some toys! ;) Christmas is right around the corner anyway.

  8. Your kiddos trashed that room like ROCK STARs :D

  9. yep and they had to clean it up like maids. lol