July 10, 2010

My love for planning birthday parties

I love planning for birthday parties. At our house birthday planning usually starts late August to September for our two birthdays in October. Then we deal with all the holiday stuff just to turn around to start planning again for our February and March birthdays.

I love it when they think of a theme on their own and they get major brownie points it they think of themes in advance. I could spend months coming up with ideas to match a theme.

Lea is going to get major brownie points for her next idea (if she doesn't change her mind considering her birthday isn't until March). She told me, a week or so ago, that she wants a bubbles birthday party. Oh the ideas that are turning in my head. I can't wait till I have time to sit down and start looking for ideas. So be on the look out. I will be posting things as I find them.

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