February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year Party: Cupcakes and crafts

Ok so technically Chinese New Year was last weekend, as was Mia's birthday, but Friday night we got about 6-8" of snow and here in Eastern NC that put everything to a standstill. So we had to reschedule for this weekend. I think I was more disappointed in that than Mia was although I did get an extra week to prepare. She's fine as long as she gets her party. Still I think the Chinese celebrate the New Year for 15 days so we are still good lol. So I thought I would just run through the list of things we have planned for the party.

Here are the cupcakes that I am making for the party.
I got the idea from FamilyCorner.com

Here are the crafts we will be doing

Making Chinese Yo-Yos

I posted how we will make these here.

We are also planning on making a Chinese New Year banner
Got the idea and directions from Gracenotes.

Another craft we will be making is a dragon mask. You can find the printout here. We will be attaching red streamers to the back on the top so that when the kids are wearing the mask the streamers will flow over their head and behind them and when they run around the streamers will flow out. Haven't tried it yet so I hope it is not one of those things that works perfect in my mind and tanks when we actually do it.

The last craft I have planned is a 3D paper tiger (since it is the year of the tiger).

I found the directions here with a few other zodiac animals. They have the directions and the printout.

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