March 27, 2011

Just Some Thoughts

Everyone deserves happiness. But what if that happiness came from tearing up the lives of others. By breaking promises that you had made and by deserting your responsibilities and leaving them for others to handle. Is it deserved then? Should happiness come at the expense of others? Where is the line drawn? Where does that leave those that you have left behind? Don't they deserve happiness too?

So you found happiness, leaving a wake of destruction behind you. Good for you. Go and be happy. But just because you are still expected to take care of your responsibilities does not mean that I have not found happiness. The difference is that my happiness is not at the expense of others. True happiness comes from living a righteous life. When you live your life in sin it is only perceived happiness, not true happiness. That happiness can not last. It will slowly shrivel up and fade away.

I am finding happiness in a world that has been flipped upside down. Through heart ache and betrayal I am learning what true happiness is. That kind of happiness will last for eternity. I am no longer bound by the past. I can see now that I deserved more. I should have never allowed myself to be subjugated to the whims of another who could only think of themselves. Now I can grow to be the woman, the mother, that I have always wanted to be. Someone who can stand proud because I know that I am living my life the best that I can and no one has to be my stepping stone on the way to my happiness. My happiness allows me to build others up instead of tearing them down.

So I say yes, everyone deserves happiness no matter how they obtain it. Just know that you will be held accountable for the good or the bad that you did to get it. Just make sure that YOU can live with how you gained that happiness, that's all that matters.

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