June 7, 2009

Fishful Thinking

I have been receiving the Fishful Thinking newsletter for sometime now and just love it. Our family has always been big on positive thinking and this resource helps parents to teach kids to be positive thinkers and much more.

So what is Fishful Thinking <---- click here to find out.

Now on Fishful Thinking's site you can make a Storybook for your child. On the site it says to describe a Fishful Thinking moment your child has experienced by building a custom storybook and then share it with family and friends.

These Storybooks are neat.

Now before I show you the storybooks that I made for my kids I want to share the story behind the inspiration that I had for making their books.

Zoe, my 7 year old, is someone I would describe as tender hearted. She takes everything very literal and you just can't pick on her without her getting upset. On the other hand she responds very well to positive things (which is one reason why I love Fishful Thinking).

So on to the story.

Zoe, Lea and I were driving home and Lea said something to Zoe that got her upset. Now Lea does have a tendency to pick on Zoe even though she is younger, but you know how kids are if you have a button they are going to push it. In Lea's defence though Zoe gets upset about silly things that would not bother anyone else and through no fault of her own Lea could have just said the wrong thing.

So not knowing what had really happened I was trying to just calm Zoe down and nothing I could think of was working. Then inspiration hit. I don't know where it came from but I just started singing. On the spur of the moment I made up a song and this is how it went.

"There is a girl named Zoe, she's a special girl. She likes to play and make friends all day. She is a special girl."

By the end of this short little song I had her laughing. Then being the sweet thing that she is, she immediately wanted to make up one for Lea, then Mia, and then Ali. So we made up their own songs and they are always asking me to sing it to them. I also use their songs when they have little frowny faces that nothing else can cure.

Now that you know our story go check out their Storybooks. You can find Zoe's here, Lea's here, Mia's here and Ali's here.

Once you check out their Storybooks go make one for you child here.

After you do that go here to The Secret is in the Sauce site and post the link to your child's Storybook and you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes with a giveaway that they are having with Pepperidge Farm.

So what are you waiting for? Go make your Storybook!

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