June 7, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Every Sunday I will make a list of things I am thankful for. Want to join in? Blog about the blessings in your life and leave your link in the comment section.

Here are a few of mine

1. My girls - man do I miss them. They out of town visiting family and I know that they are having a blast but I do miss them being here.

2. Peace and quiet - since the girls are gone I'm enjoying the quiet house while I can. In a few days it will be just a little too quiet.

3. Sunshine - after many, many days of rain it is nice to have the sun shining down.

4. In-door plumbing - I know this seems weird but as I type this my father-in-law and my husband are trying to fix a backed up pipe. Not being able to flush your toilet makes you realize just how much you appreciate it.

5. My husband - he is my hero, my best friend, the father to my children and because of him we will be an eternal family.

Tell me what your thankful for.

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