January 14, 2010

There's an App for that

As soon as my husband learned about the iPhone he wanted one. I remember he had to wait over 6 months for the first one to come out. He's always been big with the ipod and Apple and as soon as the new iPhone came out he was one of those crazy people who stood in line for hours to get one.

Then, a year latter, Apple came out with another one. Of course hubby had to get it. I told him he had to earn the money to pay for it first. So you know what he did. He unlocked his old one (barely a year) and sold it on ebay for more than what the new one cost. He actually made a profit. So once again he stood in line for a couple of hours just for the store to run out 3 people ahead of him. So the next day he drove for over an 1 1/2 hours to a bigger Apple store just to stand in line again. At least he did get it this time.

Once again, a year latter, Apple came out with an even better one. Once again I told him he need to earn the money when he started talking about getting one. The problem this time was that he had been laid off a few months before so money was tight and unlocked phones are not as in demand as they once where. So he had to wait.

To try to butter me up so that he could get one sooner he told me that when he got the new one I could have his old one. Well, that didn't work with me. What did I need an iPhone for? All I use my phone for is to have it while I am out (which isn't all that often). I don't receive calls (service sucks in the house) and I don't text (pressing all those numbers just to get the right letter frustrates me).

Then my dad, sister, and my brother got iPhones. Every time we went over to their house they were comparing apps and playings games and showing off all the things the iPhone does and I started to think that I might actually want one but I didn't let hubby know.

So right before Christmas we got a little extra money and I agreed that he could get the new iPhone for Christmas. It was ordered and he had to wait till Christmas morning to open it. That was about as bad for him as it was when he had to wait to get the first one.

So now he has his new one and like he promised gave me his old one. I have spent the last two week getting to know it and figuring out how to use it. I must admit that I am enjoying it but is it something that I could live without? Not just yet. The problem is that my hubby thinks that he has irreversibly changed my life. That if I had to give it up now I would be devastated. Sure I like that I can check Facebook on it and because of the iPhone I am finally learning how to use Twitter. I do like all the cool games and that I can file a clam through Geico if I am ever in an accident. The constant (well almost) access to the internet and email and my calendar and contacts and the weather and to be able to take decent pictures is nice. But devastated? We will have to see.

Right now I am busy finding apps that will help me, entertain me, educate me, all in all make my like easier. Ok, so I am a little addicted to it but don't tell my hubby because he would never let me live it down, although I think he suspects already since my text messaging went from 2 (which was the average for one month) to almost over 50 in just the past two weeks.

Oh well.

For those of you lucky enough to own one what are some of your favorite apps? What are the ones that make your life easier? How about the ones you couldn't live without?


  1. I don't have an i-phone. But after your description, I think I want one!And I have just recently started making recordings for my children on the computer (favorite sayings, poems, advice,etc.) so it would be neat if they could listen to them when we are not home... like waiting in the Drs office. I don't have an mp3 player at all right now either. And I need a new cell phone, so this may just be the perfect solution.

  2. I do love it and your idea about recording the kids so that can watch it later is a wonderful idea.