May 28, 2009

Recycled plastic bottle flowers

Every Thursday I want to post a craft tutorial or spotlight a craft that I have found out in the craft world.

Today's craft is based of something I saw one time I think it was in a magazine, maybe Pack-o-Fun.

This is my first tutorial so please forgive me with the crappy pictures and wording

What you need

two plastic bottles of different sizes
sharpie (or other permanent) markers
18 gauge floral wire
green pipe cleaner
needle nose pliers
wire cutters

First thing I did was cut the bottoms off of the bottles

Then I made holes in the middle. The plastic is very thick and hard to get through so I used my drill to do this but a hammer and nail might work too.

Then using the sharpie markers I let the kids color them.

Then I put a smaller one and a larger one together using the brad to attach them. You now have the blossom

Then I took the pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the floral wire (The pipe cleaner alone was not strong enough). Then I cut the extra wire off. You now have the stem.

Then I attached the stem to the to the blossom using the brad making a loop with the stem wire.

That's all there is to make your flower.

When you make several you can make a bouquet

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