June 11, 2009

Wooden dolls

Today's craft started out with me finding these at the craft store

they reminded me of a blog that I had come across awhile back that I had put on my to do list. You can go here to check it out.

So I set out to make my own family of peg people

I started by painting the head and top part of the body a skin tone. The color that I chose was very close to the color of the wooden peg but it also serves as primer so to speak for the hair color. It also gives your family a uniform skin tone.

I then penciled in how I want the hair line to look. I get inspiration from here, here, and here

Then using my very thin brush I out line with the paint along the line I have drawn

Then using my larger angled brush I cover the rest of the head. I usually do two coats.

Then using a pencil I mark where I want to put the eyes and mouth

Then using a toothpick I paint in the eyes and mouth

Now we accessorize. You can paint little bows or do like I did and make it look like little hair clips

There they all are. But wait, they need clothes!!

For the clothes I used scrap booking paper and mod podge

Then I finished it off with a little paint and one more layer of mod podge over the whole doll. Here they are all dressed and ready to go

Now they need a little house to live in. Also at Grace Violet's blog you can find a great tutorial and even a free printable pattern on how to make one.

Here is the one I made. I haven't finished decorating it yet but will be finishing that up real soon


  1. You don't know how long I have been wanting to try making those little people for my little people. I've just been chicken to try it.
    Maybe I'll give it a go for a summer craft???
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. They are very easy to do. If you are just making them for your own kids they won't care if they are not perfert.

  3. We LOVE peg people! We've been making a village over the past couple of weeks. Your little people may like one too :) Feel free to stop by for some ideas of places for your little peg people to visit :)

  4. I have seen your village come together and you are doing a fabulous job. Making a village is next on my list to do.